Out From Under

Once you’re a recovered addict,
You can no longer take a little drink
Or dabble with a mild drug.

The slightest taste is not cool
Or casual
But a serious slip.

In life, once you’re out from under
There has to be a point of no return
No going back to normal
No nothing.

Because, you see…
If you get there
When you get there
Once you reach

That destination is a one-way street.

The nuances
The coulda-woulda-shoulda-didn’ts
The misunderstandings
The guilt trips
The retrospectiveness
The back-and-forths
The points of view
The discussion
The drama
The suspicion
The taking sides
The psychoanalysis
The spiteful stupidity
The damn foolishness
All that jazz and a bag of chips…

It’s amazing how people
How man,
In his infinite social wisdom
Takes it upon himself
To create all these emotions
To expand so gloriously
From molehill to mountain

To magnify these epic scenes
To pander to others
Just because these others are craving attention…

It just doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Because really, in fact,
It doesn’t have to be anything but
…And that’s all, folks.

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