Colonised (The Evangelist)

As the years bear on
Steadfast in their tracks
I feel myself colonised
By you,
Your views spiraling forth
From my tongue
Words ricocheting in my head…
I’ve become
One of the converted
That worships at the altar
Of your extremes
Falling in line
Is just easier,
Your good little soldier
The reluctant evangelist…
Just easier,
Safer than the risk of solitude
But mostly, I fear starting over
Of being adrift —
A quasi-believer with no cause.
You, this beast we created
Is familiar, in me
It inhabits the area
Once populated by resistance, by fury
But the fight has flamed out
Not with a bang but a whimper
As your fingers crawled the expanse of my body
And scrabbled its way into the crevices of my mind.
The path behind me
To here
Is vague, clouded
But here I am
Ablaze with denial
Colonised by your extremes
Spouting things I once questioned
Unfailingly, sure.
At what point does love
Colonise you
Change you
Tamper with the fibre of your essence
…And if I am more stained than you,
Does this mean you win?

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