Nowadays there is a chronicle of everything
Even that which we once chose to forget
The words we said
And things we did
Before the selves we are today
The “in media res” that paved the path to the here and now
And cemented the behaviour, the ways
We now cannot escape.

But we want to forget
We choose to forget
The mind cannot cope
With the indescribable sadness
And guilt and shame
Of past wrongs
And so
We live blissfully in ignorance
Of what we did
Who we once hurt
Who we once were…

Until one day the past emerges
On a bored afternoon
Flipping through old communications

Words captured by technology
Words captured automatically
Unknowingly, unintentionally
Pieces, fragments of the past
Reforming into themselves
Fusing together old memories
Of our imperfections
Our poor choices
Our vulnerabilities
Our past lives
That lived within this one

Forgive me
For I have sinned
And never asked forgiveness
Until now.
Forgive me
For what I did to you, to us
The unimaginable cruelty
Of youth.
Forgive me
For I sinned
Before I knew myself.
Forgive me
I did the unforgivable…
I forgot.

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