Chasing the Light (The Gameshow)

Peel away the layers
At the rare wonder of our initial connection
A series of events and a unity of forces
So uniquely, so perfectly matched
That replication would be futile
Or ill-fated at best…

Peel away the layers
The fragile sinews of our bond
Our decision
Our choice
To travel this path
When so many other offers
Of youth or circumstance
Lay unexplored on the table
Glittering kernels of beauteous light
A taste, a seed of potential adventure
But no;
We held steadfast to the cause
To the decision
To the here and now…
Would you do it again
If we had the chance?
If we knew then what we know now
Would I still be the one
Or would another light have shone more brightly, then?

That’s the problem with these paths
The destinations are so poorly advertised,
The gameshow prizes so obscure
Yet custom dictates we choose door number one or two or three
Til death do us part
Or else!

And is that really fair
To choose a forever
Sight unseen
To become, to decide, too young
The person, the thing, we’ll always be?
And what if time decides
We age at different paces
Our minds explore different places
We familiarize with different faces
We need our different spaces
To become?!

Peel away the layers
The rings around the trunk
Of our promise
And say it again
Doors wide open
Bulbs ablaze

Destination, prize in grasp
This time around
Say it, sing it, sell it
If “yes” can tumble
Quite so easily
From your lips
And into empty spaces…
Or if, perhaps, your youthful declarations
Would have best been kept
In darker places.

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