An introspection

Don’t you ever get tired of learning?
The only knowledge I’ve gained
Is that there is so much more knowledge to gain
And not enough time to gain it in
And not enough space in the brain
To retain it all
And not enough sense in the obsolescence of the world
To learn new versions when newer ones
Replace them at a frantic pace.

So weary of it all…
So what if I don’t care
So what if I don’t feel
So what if this life is only a farce
A rat race destined to keep us unhappy
Filled with endless rungs of the corporate ladder
Sprouting another rung
Each time you get closer to the top
And you fall back a step closer to the bottom…

And when is enough enough?
When do you stop and introspect
And ask yourself
If you became who you thought you would
When you were younger and idiotically idealistic
And thought you could put your stamp on the universe…

When do you stop
And ask yourself
If any of this will matter tomorrow
Or the day after that
Or next month, year
Or ever…

Each new stage morphs into another
Each hour goes by while we’re stuck in the in-between
Passengers on the ceaseless sea of life
Forever seeking a new shore
Or one less polluted
By emotional exhaustion.

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