Chocolate brown eyes,
Sad, forlorn;
Always the victim.
Bound of glee,
Such a clumsy fool —
It’s not your fault.
Sprawled on the floor,
You make everywhere your home;
You think you own the universe.
You’d knock down anyone,
Won’t let anyone get in your way,
Definite that everything is yours.
Forever ready with hugs,
You believe they fix everything,
So you embrace the world.
You cry and scream,
Just to test your subjects;
You expect everyone to bow to please you.
Your every slightest whim
Is your parents’ command;
You wonder why they don’t know their purpose.
You see the world in all its colours,
You want simpler answers;
You beg to understand.
Everyone else is your plaything;
Chocolate brown eyes
Shimmering with mischief.
Always the victim,
Heart-tugging impish smile,
Nothing but innocent.

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