Star-crossed (A Simple Love Story)

It was love, the puppy kind
That pre-dates history
And spills beyond pimply-faced teendom
And still pumps blood
Decades later
As atoms part to display
In the universe
An arm’s length away
But miles beyond
The girl, the one
That got away…

She sees him
Her face breaking into a smile
That can’t be helped;
A familiar tug
An almost bodily lurch toward him
Before she remembers,
And holds still.

Sometimes that’s all it is, really
A mental pause
A struggle
Of head over heart…
Sometimes that’s all it is, really
It is just that simple.

A possibility
An offer
A yes,
A blazing yes
A ring and a handful of rice and a kiss
To end all kisses
But all holds steadfast to this pause.
A moment, a decision.
Love, yes love
Sometimes it is that simple
That whole, that pure…

But he didn’t have a plan
A pause
For the cause
Of a future;
And she was destined for greater things
Than rolling around his bed
Breakfast after noon
And nights revelling in wild abandon
Head thrown back
And garish laughter
Spilling through tobacco-stained teeth,
She was destined for more
Than the haphazard grin
Of the unknown…
What was frolic
What was fun
What was fine
At fifteen
No longer rang true
He loved her with passion
With pride
With purpose
Oh, so much purpose!
But no plan.

That’s all it is, really
It is that simple.
The one that got away,
Body in check now;
A quick nod:
Before a pointed
Slip of hand
Into the other, rougher one that stands beside her
Oblivious; the one with a plan…
Sometimes it is that simple, really
A simple encounter
A simple nod
A simple love
As she walks away.

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