In Medias Res

Lovers do not earn this title at infancy
But in medias res…
Remember this
When you feel the irreverent desire to cure damage you did not create…
Remember that
Despite your backstage peek
You are not the playwright
But the spectator in this show…

You will never learn all the reasons
Or have all the answers.
Remember that
Some fragments of the past will always lie dormant yet embedded
No — entrenched…
And some pieces will never be privy to you.
Like all things in medias res
The whole picture is never revealed.
Realise that
The début
The dénouement
The damage
Were all before your time
And beyond your control.
Remember this
When insecurity swells that raging tide…
When the shadow of betrayal
Seeps into its dark cloud
Subsuming your soul…
Remember this.


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