God of Vodka

Oh baby if you could only see me now
Worshipping the god of vodka
Kissing the porcelain with cracked, brittle lips
If you could only see me now
Broken and bruised
Hollow heartless ribs
Racked with maniacal laughter
If only you could see me now
Fucked up and loving every moment of it
Allowing a stranger’s hands to grope my body
Your ring searing the skin on my finger
Stumbling out into broad daylight
Into a day as deceptively warm as my lover’s arms
Oh baby if only you could see me now
Frantically craving human touch
This lifeless body saturated in a stranger’s sweat
Blood crawling seeping through my head
Onto the broken pavement
Bile lurking in the depths of my throat
Liquid sloshing around that vacant cranial vessel
I’m fucked, baby
Fucked and well aware
Shame and all other random emotions
Long since vacated from my core
This random heart
Eager, willing
Always at the ready
For anything everything
To blot out the memory of you.
Oh baby if only you could see me now
You’d recoil in horror
This broken beauty you think you love
Now unveiled
Your broken bride
Damaged goods
This random slut
Laughing maniacally into the night…
Oh baby if only you could see me now
You’d kick me off my pretty pedestal
Find another girl to worship
Find some other bitch to love.

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