Bratty Brilliance

Let me tell you something, kids…
The reason you are unemployed, or still looking…
Shh, listen up… here’s the secret:
The economy is afraid of us.

They are terrified to train us
We don’t know the meaning of loyalty,
Security is stagnancy,
20, even 10 years service seems like a sentence…
Why rot here, when the grass can be greener
In the competitor’s backyard
At top dollar…
And there’s always the opportunity to strike off on your own
Taking and making the knowledge, the training
Into your own empire.
Of course.

They are afraid to empower us
We know there is an alternative to baby-making and picket-fence-building
We can worry about that later
We know that an idea can be billionized
We see the dot-com uprising
Of bratty brilliance
And we prefer to be a part of that
Rather than slave away at the interminable grind…

They are afraid of us
We no longer bow down and take what is taught
We ask questions, we Google and grow what they took years to learn
They are afraid to train us
Lest we surpass their knowledge
And teach them a thing or two

We are no longer working for a “wuk” but for a purpose in life
Work-life balance is mot du jour
Even at “work” we are always connected to the otherwise —
Absorbing, seeking knowledge through our pores
Siphoned to a screen.

They do not, cannot, will not own our head space.

Remember this, the next time someone twice your age tells you
“We’ll keep you in mind”
“We are interested buttttt…”
“You’re not a good fit”

And ask yourself…

Do you really want to fit into
Someone else’s idea
Of what your career, your life is supposed to be?

Or do you want to chart your own journey
And show these bastards who’s boss…

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