About The Writink

whatidoHallo, The Writink is my online playground for words. It was created to house all the writings I’ve spurned over the years, and some random snippets I stumbled across that inspire me or make me think.

I’ve structured The Writink for your reading pleasure — you can search in a number of ways through the INK gathered here, through any of the following ways:

  • The main categories in the top and bottom navigation menus
  • The Feelings tag cloud in the footer
  • Select the top Recent, Popular or Random posts in the footer
  • The “Previous” and “Next” arrows when you’re reading a post
  • Checking through The Site Map by Category, Date, Title or Tags
  • If all else fails, there’s a Search Bar

I’ve also made it super easy to share the INK and comment on the INK… so please feel free to do so!


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